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How much does a carving cost?


This is indeed the most commonly asked question but most difficult to answer without having a clear understanding of our customers expectations. Since every carving has a unique difference, there are several variables which influence the overall cost. On average, most carvers subscribe to pricing between $75 to $175 per carved linear foot for free standing carvings and $125 to $250 per linear ft for on site and installed carvings. Price is highly contingent upon size, composition, detail, and if its painted or natural. We're always happy to discuss a carving to meet any budget.

We offer the following delivery service on larger carvings:

Up to 10 Miles....FREE with $300 min. purchase.

10 to 50 miles ... $1.75/mile

Over 50 miles ... $2.25/mile

Delivery costs are loaded (one way), calculated from our physical location 39 Woodcarver Lane Falls PA 18615 and excludes applicable toll expenses.

*Please Note * We are happy to advise customers on carving installation and maintenance. However due to liability issues and zoning compliance in some areas, we are not able to physically install carvings as a permanent fixture.