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Legs & Bases

Our kits offer the availability of both modern and rustic style bases in hand forged steel or carved wood. These options balance eye pleasing aesthetics and unmatched durability making your table composition a unique piece of art.

Our kit standard exclusive forged steel foot hairpin legs position the table top around 14” high. This is an ideal height to use as a coffee table or couch end table. Additional height options are available. Our on premise forgery enables us to fabricate many other base leg set options from quality hand forged steel.   We are always working on new and exciting leg hardware options to offer our customers. 

Premier Base UPGRADE options

Tree and Root bases

As aquatic life has always been one of our favorite carving compositions, our “Roots” with river tables first developed by sculpting artistic wood base structures for bars and tables. Upon placement of the river table top, a coherent “Organic” composition is conveyed between the table top waterline and supporting base. Our signature styled tree and root single bases can be made to match existing bar, counter, or table fixture heights enabling you to position stools or chairs around the table with adequate leg space underneath. Our paired tree and root or carved stone base ends are used for lower table compositions.