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Olivia's Biography

Many people have seen chainsaw carving and some people have even seen a woman chainsaw carver here or there; but most people have not seen a teenage girl wielding a chainsaw to make beautiful sculptures in a 60 to 90 minute carving show.

Olivia grew up around chainsaw carving and began assisting her father by filling saws with gas and oil around 8 years old. At age 9 she had a school project and asked to do it with a chainsaw so with her fathers careful guidance, they collectively operated a chainsaw to complete the project. Over the next few years, she learned to embrace “Tricks of the trade” so to speak and started by carving custom lettered signs at age 14. She has become our designated sign carver and now carves signs in front of customers as they watch. While many young girls receive clothing and hair bows for their birthday, Olivia had no problem receiving her very own chainsaw . Over the past few years, Olivia has began carving freestanding sculptures and continues to develop her own artistic style. Olivia is home/cyber schooled so that she is able to travel and participate in carving competitions and events. In 2018 Olivia and her father competed in their first partnered competition and won first place. Additionally, she has won multiple solo awards advancing her to compete this July for the national fine arts teen talent championship. Oliva is currently known as the youngest female chainsaw sculptor at carving events and competitions. She is now driving and saving up to purchase a vehicle with proceeds from her carving sales. When not carving, Olivia enjoys being a typical teenage girl and has an extensive nail polish collection. She is also a member of the Civil Air Patrol and hopes to pursue a military career upon completion of high school.